Pretzels & snack mix

The tried-and-true crowd-pleasers. With something for everyone, these snacks will get the party started–and keep it going!

    New Arrival
    Rold Gold® Waffles Shaped Pretzels 000000000300041024_EA
    Munchies® Cheese Fix Flavored Snack Mix 000000000300020189_EA
    Rold Gold® Original Tiny Twists 000000000300020165_EA
    Rold Gold® Original Pretzels Sticks 000000000300020151_EA
    Rold Gold® Original Pretzels Thins 000000000300033577_EA
    Sabritas® Fiesta Mix Flavored Snack Mix 000000000300032134_EA
    New Arrival
    Cheetos® Cheddar Pretzel Flavored Snacks 000000000300032510_EA
    New Arrival
    Cheetos® Flamin' Hot® Pretzel Flavored Snacks 000000000300032511_EA