Nuts & Jerky

For people who want hearty fuel on-the-go, to get where they’re goin’ fast. Much like you wouldn’t leave home without your keys, you wouldn’t hit the road without these tasty faves. 

Cashews, pistaccios, and mixed nuts are displayed in colorful bowls against an orange surface.
  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Jerky
New Arrival
Sabritas® Chile Lime Peanuts 000000000300029967_EA
New Arrival
Sabritas® Salt & Lime Peanuts 000000000300029970_EA
New Arrival
Sabritas® Japanese Peanuts 000000000300029968_EA
New Arrival
Sabritas® Mexican Party Mix Peanuts 000000000300029969_EA
Jack Link's® Original Beef Steak Bites 000000000300033253_PAK
Sabritas Salt & Lime Peanuts  000000000300038112_PAK

Sabritas Salt & Lime Peanuts

2.75oz | $10.32 | 8ct
Sabritas Picante Peanuts  000000000300038111_PAK

Sabritas Picante Peanuts

2.75oz | $10.32 | 8ct
Sabritas Japanese Peanuts  000000000300038120_PAK

Sabritas Japanese Peanuts

2.75oz | $10.32 | 8ct
Jack Link's® Teriyaki Flavored Beef Steak Bites 000000000300033255_PAK