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May 06, 2013


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Joseph Butera

So Happy Cheesey Garlic Bread Won! Thats the one I have Been Voting For! Congrats Karen :)

Kay Z

There was never any doubt!! Cheese and garlic are the best! #SaveGarlicBread


I can never find them to try them ... Not happy



Cathy Lauer

When will the date be for these chips to come to the stores? I am going to a commuion party this week end and would love to take a bag.

Thanks Cathy

Dora Evans

sure would have liked to try all of them.. tried 7 different states..could only find the Siratcha flavor ;( ... congrats to the winner!! Knew it would be the Best!!!


congratulations!! so when can i buy multiple bags in stores... i cant find them

Ginny Humphrey

I missed all the voting. I just bought a bag of chicken and waffles flavor today and LOVE THEM! I had been apprehensive about the flavor but it is yummy!! The other two flavors are too mundane. They've been done in some form or other. I hope Chicken and Waffles can make an appearance on our store shelves once in a while even though they didn't win.

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