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June 17, 2011


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I would love to try them, I have tried the cheetos crunch BBQ Cheddar. They are very good.
Tim would you happen to know what happen to th wild nad mild ranch fritos?


I love honey BBQ cheetos! Why don't frito lays distribute these in Hawaii??? How can I order them? The only way I get them is when my family and friends travels to the mainland and purchase it there to bring back home. Ive been raving about this this chips to everyone but there is no way Hawaii residents can purchase them. Also, why don't we have the lays lemon potato chips. That I love too!

Debbie Casper

I really love BBQ Cheetos! They are sooo good and
hard to find too. When I do see them I get 2 or 3
bags at a time.


Honey BBQ Cheetos are great! I can't find them anymore. Please send them around again.


I LOVE these Honey BBQ Cheeto Puffs, I get them in the vending machine at work and I am on a mission to find a nearby store that sells them.


Thanks, LP!

Have you tried using our product locator? It should make your quest to find them in a store easier :)



i wish you would get the honey bbq chetto puffs back in the stores they were my fav. snack please bring them back!!!


I LOVE these cheetos but they are simply too hard to find. They had them at a Jewel and a Walgreens I normally go to, but haven't had them in a few months!!!


Why is it so hard to find Honey BBQ cheetos now? They were easily found at Safeway and now they seem to be found only in select gas stations or small unknown grocery stores. Whats going on?


Hi CheetosFan,

Have you tried using our product locator? You can also feel free to give us a call at 800.352.4477.




Timothy E. Levy

I know you cannot get honey bbq puffs anywhere they replaced them with the regular puffs and are not as good they need to bring them back they are 10 times better than the original

susan corbin

I would LOVE too see the honey bbq cheetos come back, PLEASE!!!!!!

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