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July 22, 2010


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I just realy wanted to let you all at the cheetos company know that the GIANT cheetos are THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER! But your packaging says that you pry won't be able to fit the entire thing into your mouth, well I can fit two into my mouth! I suppose I have a big mouth, but that's also pry the same reason I'm leaving a comment here. :)
-one happy costumer

Pam Abel

I just wanted to let you know that the Tangy Carolina BBQ chips are my husband and my favorite chip. Great job

Amy Mac

I love the use of social media and the informative video - but most of all I love Frito-Lay's strategy of "strategize globally, implement locally." As a marketing professional, I've seen brands transform customers into brand loyalists. As a hard-core potato chip fanatic, I'm looking forward to snacking on some of these new flavors!


I LOVE all the new flavors that Lays has been coming out with. My favorite is the Lays Kettle chips in the Sea Salt & Vinegar flavor. YUMMY....


We're so excited that you all love the recent Lay's flavor innovations -- both with our Kettle Cooked line and the new regional flavors. Thanks for enjoying the "behind the scenes" video too! We'll be producing more videos like this that show an insider's view of the work we're doing at Frito-Lay. Stay tuned for more! - Kristin H, Frito-Lay Communications team


Love barbeque fritos. They are the best of all time. Any of the frito lay products are great to eat! Can't wait to see what comes out new in the future!


I LOVE all the new flavors that Lays has been coming out with. My favorite is the Lays Kettle chips in the Sea Salt & Vinegar flavor. YUMMY..chat sohbet chatroulette rulet chat odaları


As a weight loss blogger, I am so grateful that you have expanded your line to include the Baked chips. They are a staple in my kitchen. It's so nice to be able to have the option of eating one of my favorite snacks but without the guilt. Thank you!!


My spouse loves the Tangy BBQ shw aways has 2 bags laying around and I love the Tostitos Jalapeno Brand chips.
Currently I will spread the chips out on a pan ,drop cheese blocks in each one and add Skyline Chilli and bake for 5 minutes, and walla excellence every time.Thanks Frito Lay !


You are moving in the right direction... you understand that people want "REAL" food...

If you can come out with a USDA Organic, non- genetically modified, line of products... I will shout it out to all my friends and family.


Janet Morris

I wanted to let you know that your products are the best. I have watched a video on how you make cheetos and potato chips and they were very interesting. Your products are always fresh and to put the "icing on the chips", your customer service is awesome.

Thank your for sharing your excellent team work with your consumers.


i was wondering what happened to the dorito 3d??? there is no better chip!

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