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March 01, 2010


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I had the Cajun ones and those are quite tasty as well. can't find them in more where I live. I will have to stock pile next time.


I got a sample of the mighty zingers rajun cajun and ranch mixin the mail. They were so good I wanted to keep them too myself but then my kids got home from school and I had to give them some. They loved them too! I cant wait until they are finally sold in our stores here in Harrison, AR. They make a great and tasty snack! Thanks for the sample!

i <3 cheetos

you guys should keep making the special edition crazy cheddar & wicked picante i just love them

John Catherson

We purchased Zingers (Cajun/ranch) several times while wintering in the Rio Grande Valley in Jan. and Feb. We loved them. They were a great balance between spicey and NOT. Problem is, we haven't found them since we got back to Minnesota. When will we find them locally? Thank you.


Hi, John. I'm sorry to let you know that we're no longer making Cheetos Mighty Zingers! They were slowly phased out earlier this year. We do hope you'll check out our other great Cheetos flavors though. http://www.fritolay.com/our-snacks/cheetos.html
Thanks for your comment. - Kristin


You should definitely bring back the Zingers...why "phase out" something so popular that hardly stayed on the shelves? Does not make much sense one would think. Basically goes against consumer-driven market thoughts....

Gwen Tyler

Where in San Diego can I buy Cheetos Mighty Zingers Ragin'Cajun & Tangy Ranch at ? They are so delicious you have to put them back in the stores ASAP please.


my family loved the zingers. Please bring them back!!!


You really need to bring zingers back asap please they were so yummy


I miss Zingers!!! Please bring them back!


PLEASE Bring Back Cheetos Mighty Zingers!!! My Family Miss Zingers.


Bring them back! Bring them back! bring them back! Every time one brings something I like to the table, they take them off the table and say, you like, well to bad you cant have anymore.

Shelbi November

I look for these every time I go grocery shopping hoping they will bring them back. It always makes me sad to not see them :(


PLEASE BRING THESE BACK. Can't explain how delicious they were. I think about them every time I go grocery shopping. Sad that a product so popular just vanishes so quickly:( very upsetting:(


why are they discontinued? I loved them so much! please bring them back!!!!!!!

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