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February 16, 2010


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I just tried the new Garden Tomato & Basil chips. DELICIOUS!!!! Frito-Lay has done it again. Kudos to the new flavor innovations. Look forward to trying the Balsamic Sweet Onion and the others.


I have tried the Lays Tomato & Basil chips and they are AMAZING!!!! I just wish the other flavors were available in the Midwest...I understand the regional marketing concept but I want to try them all.

Karl Nelson

I don't usually express my opinion on such matters, but I am encouraged by the fact that I can now buy chips, with flavoring, that does not have MSG.

Thank You.


I just tried the Tangy Carolina BBQ chips and being a resident of North Carolina, I'm wondering where you got the recipe for these chips. I automatically noticed upon tasting this first chip that mustard was in the seasoning, which was confirmed upon reviewing the ingredients and recipe on the back. Since Carolina BBQ in my experience is usually specifically referring to NC BBQ (which can be either Eastern or Western style), I was wondering where the idea to include mustard came from. I've heard that mustard is used in BBQ in South Carolina, but that's not true Carolina BBQ. It believe the chips would have been substantially better without the mustard.


Pamela, I talked to one of the chefs who worked on this flavor and here is some more info on Lay's Tangy Carolina BBQ: When designing the flavor we needed to build in other flavors to enhance the experience when eating it on a potato chip. And because we launched this one nationally, we also needed to account for a broader group of consumers. The final flavor profile, which was developed and tested with consumers across the country, is anchored and inspired in a North Carolina style.
Thanks for your comment! - Kristin

Taylor St. John

I am absolutely itching to try the Tangy Carolina BBQ, as well as the Cajun Herb and Spice. Thankfully, the BBQ is being launched nationwide and the Cajun will be catered to the Southwest. Yeah!!! I am a devout BBQ fan and of anything that brings a roasty/spicy/sweet flavor combination with it. Good work, Frito-Lay! Once again, you have set another flavor benchmark for the snack world.

Marty I.

I would love to try the Cajun Herb and Spice chips. Is there any way to get them in the Chicago area even though they aren't being stocked here?

Holly Moreland

Lay's! You guys are great! I simply can't resist your new Garden Tomato& Basil Potatoe Chips! They are the best! Holly Moreland- Canton, MI

Debra @ A Frugal Friend

I'm excited.....my husband will love the new flavors packed in his lunch!! The all-natural ingredients appeals to me too as the mom of a 2 year old! Thanks Frito Lay


The pepper relish flavor is awesome!! Every chip is a refreshing bite. Wish I could try the other flavors!

Chad Marucci

I love the Late Night all nighter Cheeseburger Doritios. To me they taste like a cheese whooper from BurgerKing. The chips have the exact taste of a whooper and smell of them too and have the taste of flame broiled burger. Yum

Chas Muhs

We are a Chicagoland family and over the weekend we got together for a Oscar Party. Lay'ed in the usual supply of goody's Lays... regular,wavy and kc masterpice bbq and for a treat the new Carloina bbq and the Tomato & Basil,sorry to say they were not a hit ever the members who have lived in NC still prefer the KC Masterpice bbq. Tomato & Basil would work as a side but not out of the bag alone. The group was made up of six children ages 8-14 and eight parents ages with held by request. Keep trying but never give up what made you the best. How about Onion Garlic and Bacon. thanks Chas


We're so happy to hear you like the new regional flavors! Everyone has their favorite flavor of Lay's, and we hope this set of six makes a nice addition to the mix. We appreciate your feedback and hope you continue loving Lay's!


I live in Oklahoma. My friends drive a big rig and brought back a tiny little sample bag of the Late Night Cheeseburger Doritos. WOW .. they are fabulous. I am just wanting them in family size bags available to everyone! Hope they make it to Oklahoma City SOON! They are wonderful.. You can taste the flames from the grill and slight hint of pickle and mustard and the lettuce and everything. Incredible. Keep up the GOOD WORK making fun snacks!


The Tangy Carolina Barbecue flavor is the best potato chip flavor I have ever tried and I am a 30 year old male who loves chips! I hope this flavor sticks around!

Joe Jackson

I am very disappointed that the southwestern cheese and chili and the cajun herb and spice are not available in Dayton OH.

Miss Vinay Duggal

I just tried the new Lay's Pepper Relish variety...and they're incredible!

I can't wait to try the new balsamic sweet onion variety in NYC.

Ed Rowe

I loved the Tangy Carolina BBQ chips. I went to stock up on them and now no one in Williamsburg, Va has them. What's going on?


Ed, try our product locator on Fritolay.com to find stores near you that carry the Lay's Tangy Carolina BBQ chips! http://www.fritolay.com/our-snacks/where-to-buy.html Happy snacking!


I thought the tomato basil chips were incredibly delicious.

That said, it doesn't seem like a terribly relevant flavor to Midwestern cuisine. But then again, the local preference seems to be BLAND. So I thank you for not having a bland chip.

Is it in the works to perhaps rotate which flavor would be distributed nationally? I would like to try a couple of the other flavors, quite a bit, but don't wish to have to travel!

NC Shawn

I have tried your'Tangy Carolina BBQ' potato chips.Being a lifelong North Carolina resident,I can say with all certainty that this chip does not capture the essence of BBQ from N.C. It might be closer to BBQ from South Carolina in which we have absolutely nothing in common with in any way ,form or fashion.Your KC Masterpiece chips come close., You need to go back to the drawing board with the recipe and instead of getting input from all over America on this chip you should have went to N.C.to see what carolina BBQ should taste like.very disappointing.


Love the Cajun Herb and Spice (Gone through at least half of a 10.5oz bag at work this morning) - Old Bay seasoning is a good choice, as it is great on everything :-)

doug adams

your nc tangy chips are simply the very best flavor ever. nothing beats it. so how come you quit making them. i want more NOW. chip lover from michigan

Faith Ann

We tried the Garden Tomato & Basil flavor for the 1st time on Memorial Day and loved it! But, couldn't find it again when we shopped the next week:( My grocer tells me that the deliveryman says they are flying off the shelves and he can't always get them for our store:( But, I'm happy to hear the flavor has been well received!


The Pepper Relish flavor is very good, but I want to try the other flavors? Will they all eventually be launched nationwide? If not, I think its a pity.

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