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January 08, 2010


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I went into a deep snack depression when these went off the shelf. I even called Frito Lay to complain about taking them away. I seriously considered started an online petition, but thought that I might be a little too obsessed over a snack food. I just found them in the store the other night & almost kissed the stock boy I was so happy! Guess I'll be one of those to stock up my freezer since they are just for a limited time. I may have to see if I can get a pallet of them...


I too am very excited to hear they are coming back. That is what I was looking for online tonight where I could buy them or why they would stop making such a great product!!


We think it's ridiculous that Frito Lay will be once again removing the Fiery Habanero Doritos from store shelves with this much demand. There is a petition out there to get them back in stores forever, I know cause my whole family signed it! When they removed this flavor from stores, we stopped buying the Doritos brand all together as it seemed the company didn't care enough about what the consumer really wanted. I guess you can say we boycotted the company. Happily last night we found them at a little store ($.99 bag)and purchased several bags. We intend to return to the store tomorrow and will purchase the remaining bags. Hopefully like others stated, they will freeze well...if they make it that long :)
I hope Frito Lay pays attention to what the consumers really want this time and that they care about what we have to say as if it weren't for the consumers Frito Lay wouldn't be in business. :) Fire your marketing personnel as they don't have a clue as to what the consumers really want! Unless...they are toying with us all to see if this "brief return" is going to get more business and more free word of mouth advertising for the company...hmmmm Thank you very much and keep Fiery Habanero on the store shelves!!!! Forever!!!!!!


I am glad that they are back, I would really like to see flamin hot flavors more. I heard Doritos will be soon coming in XXtra flamin hot, hopefully that is true, I have been waiting for them 4ever. Come on Frito Lay, flamin hot snacks are wanted bad where I live (Peoria, Illinois). Get on the ball and send more then one pallet to the warehouse here.


I don't understand the whole 'limited time' thing for a snack chip. Just before Christmas, I saw the Jalapeno Fritos on the shelf at the store. I picked up all they had. These along with the Habanero Doritos are the nearly perfect snack chip. And they are only available for a limited time.
As I said, I don't understand it. Make these the year around like you do the Jalapeno Cheetos, I mean, what's the big difference?


My girlfriend just told me she saw some at the store earlier, and I ran out and bought all they had (it's just after midnight here). After they were discontinued last time, I looked around for a bit trying to find a good replacement, but there was none and I totally stopped eating chips until a few minutes ago.


I wish you'd make them available year round. I'd probably buy enough to keep at least one person employed...


Why Frito-Lay be so cruel to bring back fiery habanero for a limited time only? These folks are sick. Doritos fiery habanero are the best chip snack ever sold but I can't tell anyone because I'm going to buy them all and lock the door when I get home. :)


I bought two cases last month on special order from my grocer, and we've already eaten those (I have five kids). Apparently they are not even available on the east coast now. The last time they stopped selling these, we stopped buying all Frito Lay products.

I think the "fiery" label hurts their sales, because they just have a beautiful, slowly sneak up on you warmth that is easily handled by a glass of milk. I want my chips, darn it!!!!!!!!!


The Toro Habanero bags are way too SMALL to feed a family or a party. It doesn't make sense to put them in these tiny bags when a full sized bag of FIERY HABANERO was such a popular hit. We don't even waste our money on the other flavors. Most people can't eat a habanero pepper so it's best in a edible chip. And this chip is not really "FIERY" so maybe it should be called "FANTASTIC HABANERO" or "FIESTA HABANERO".


Your fritos with jalepeno flavor is the best. There are many product made with jalepeno, but that corn Chip taste along with the jalepeno far exceeds the rest, Please bring it back. I can't find them anymore. What's up! Help!


Nate -- we still make Fritos Spicy Jalapeno! Find stores near you that carry them using our product locator: http://www.fritolay.com/our-snacks/where-to-buy.html
Happy snacking!

daniel aranegui

Me and my wife love these chips, We didnt know they came back and we stopped at a gas station to fill up. My wife went inside and she said something caught her eye and it was the Doritos Fiery Habanero chips, well we bought all there stock... then we continued to 3 other stores and once again bought there stock... Please dont get rid of these again, i dont understand why frito-lay would get rid of a product that made money.. replace it with some other crap yall have on the shelf but dont get rid of these... Or ill just have to cut Frito-lay products out me diet toataly... thanks


Should I be happy- sad or just plain mad? I don't know anymore!!! I do know that our family of five DO NOT BUY any other doritos except the Fiery Habanero. So for now I'll scramble to grab all the habanero doritos I can find. And when they're gone, oh well, Popcorn anyone?


I never saw these in stores in California. I am so bummed that I missed the "special release". Like all you others I am a dedicated fan.


Now they're back in Houston!!! My husband just brought home 5 bags of Fiery Habanero from HEB grocery store. I just wanted to let everyone out there know they can be found... but for how long? Better get the word out before they stop making them again. Did they just bring them back for Spring Break? I must be dreaming.


I found 5 large bags of these chips at my local vons i didnt even care what the pricing on them was, i just took them in my arms and carried them to the cashier.


I just bought two bags at my local (Southern California) Ralph's store.

Justin McQueen

Please bring these chips back to Kentucky or Ohio I will drive to get them. Best chip ever. Its just not fair.




Wow - lots of passion for Doritos Fiery Habanero! The flavor was a limited time offering earlier this year, and right now, I don't know of plans to bring it back at a specific time. Sorry I don't have a better answer, but I'll update everyone on Snack Chat if/when it does come back! - Kristin

Patrick Gisclair

Glad to see that my wife and I are not the only ones who went crazy over these chips!!! We went into convulsions so bad when they were taken off the shelf that I found some during an out of state visit to Kentucky and bought every 99 cent bag that they had on the rack even though they were expired!!! Loved everyone of them. Please bring them back!!! Nothing compares to the Doritos Fiery Habaneros. I would purchase them by the case if I could get my hands on them. We've made numerous calls to Frito Lay with no luck. Please help!!! Patrick, from Louisiana


I had my first taste while deployed to Iraq, when I returned home, they were nowhere to be found. Bring them back for good!!!!


I found so many of these at the West Hollywood Pavillions grocery store. They are really good!
The bags are new so are they still making them? Most snack food that claims to be spicy isnt really and its the first chips that can actually live up to their name.


The fiary habanero are the only kind i like. Luckily there is the 3rd degree habanero but they are only in the small bags and are really hard to find in Ohio. I'm in college and whenever my parents find them they stock up and send them to me.(I just finished my last bag) They should be in bigger bags and stay on the shelves forever. Replace them with those nasty cheeseburger ones.Also bring back the guacamole ones those were delicious.


Just bought a .99 bag at the Buc-ee's on IH-10 in Luling, TX. Maybe they're out for Halloween? Don't care why, just glad they are.

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