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October 01, 2009


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I was THRILLED TO DEATH when I saw Black Pepper Jack Doritos back in my Kroger store! I was heartbroken when the flavor disappeared from shelves last year. Why won't it be continued beyond October? I'm going to have to do some serious stocking up!!!


dont bother stocking up unless you like a cheddar zesty flavor, the pepper jack isn't even close to what IT WAS, very disappointed

kimberly plows

loved the black pepper jack doritos i also was thrilled when i saw them back. they are great to make taco salads with i crush the doritos delicious my husband will only eat tacos like that. we will be very disappointed to see them go away again


Hey I saw these guys @ianwalshmusic last night at one of their concerts... this movie about u guys is HILARIOUS! http://bit.ly/ROG0V


I love all of the Tostitos but our favorite is "Hint of Jalepeno"!! Everyone who eats these cannot get enough... they are the best!!


Several years ago I found my favorite flavor, Smokin' Cheddar BBQ. Ate and ate, then they went away. I looked and looked. When I visited a different grocery there was a chance I'd be on the chip isle, hoping to find the flavor, ah, but alas it was not so. After much searching I eventually gave up my cause. Maybe sometimes I still held out hope, on occasion, like a kid looking for their long lost puppy.
I've come to like the newer sweet and spicy chili.
But then, maybe about 2 weeks ago, while at a local grocery, I (or my boyfriend) happened upon a few bags of SMOKIN' CHEDDER BBQ. It had been long enough that I wasn't sure of the name, but there was the thought that this might, might be my long lost flavor! I ended up buying the bag, even though it was more expensive at this grocery. If this was my flavor I was willing to pay the extra!
Frito-Lays, please do not shaft us yet again. Please keep the Fight for Flavor winner once and for all.


ok so what is it going to take to keep the black pepper jack flavor on the shelves??????

Bruce Wolfe

I wonder the same. If they sell so well, why not make them all the time?? A bag of chips not purchased by me = less money in their pockets.
The math seems correct.

And while I'm at it. Midnight tacos? Horrible chips. Bought over a month ago and still have a full bag of them.


We know that everyone has their favorite snack and flavor -- we have ours too! We try to bring back different flavors from time to time to satisfy the craving, but we're not always able to make every flavor on a long-term and continual basis. We do appreciate your thoughts and will share it "up the food chain" here at Frito-Lay! Thanks again for your comments. - Kristin, Frito-Lay


I was wondering...is there a COMPLETE list of flavors that were made by the Frito-Lay company? I keep thinking back to old favorites such as "Smokey Red BBQ" (Now found in the Munchies snack mix) and Black Pepper Jack. Ketchup? Jalapeno? Is there a list online or a record anywhere?
We do appreciate bringing back old favorites from time-to-time. =) Thank-you Frito-Lay.


Re: Joeykent123@hotmail.com -- We don't have a list published that includes all of the flavors we've ever made, but we do have all of our current snacks -- brands and flavors -- posted on the Frito-Lay Web site: http://www.fritolay.com -- Go to the "Our Snacks" tab. Thanks for your comment!


Ok almost everyone in my town that I talk to agrees that the Smokin Cheddar BBQ is the flavor the love the most. It is my favorite by far.. I don't even buy Doritos unless that flavor is available, which unfortunately, in Anna Illinois, is rare. When it is available, it is the first flavor to sell out, and I buy at least 3 bags per grocery trip. Frito Lay, please distribute this flavor to Anna. We had it for a week around the superbowl (2010) then it was gone.


why dont they sell them in the maritimes, canada. im sitting here craving them for almost 5 years.. ugfh

maria simpson



Battle Black Pepper Jacks Doritos are great! I was thoroughly disappointed when I walked into my local Walmart and saw that they were not restocked. Seriously, these chips made me start buying Doritos every day again. All the spicy flavors are too spicy. The Pepper Jack Doritos are just right. Frito-Lay, please consider bringing back Battle Black Pepper Jack Doritos on a permanent basis.

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