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May 22, 2009


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Zach Dennis

Thank you very much for bringing this product back to life. It was a sad day when my local grocer sold their last jar a few years back. It's been a long journey of trying to find a substitute and I was happily surprised (shocked actually) to see it was on the shelf yesterday. Just in case it was a fluke I bought 12 jars. I'm glad to see it's not a fluke! Thanks again,

Steve Wilke

Great job by bringing this product back. Almost everyone I talk to could not believe it went away a few years ago. Like everyone else there is just no substitute for this product. Keep up the good work!


Is it still gluten free? It was on the gluten free list in the past, but I assume it was taken off when the product was discontinued.

Michael K

Pedro -- yes, Tostitos Restaurant Style Salsa is still gluten free. We'll be adding it to our "Products Not Containing Gluten" list on fritolay.com shortly. Thanks for your question, and we hope you enjoy the salsa!


Sweet, thanks dude!

Gary Stachula

I have not seen it yet, but I'll go looking. It was absolutely my fav. When they discontinued it I called them, emailed them & had all my friends do the same. They then notified me that some would be available as Santitas Salsa for a short time in May 2006 only at Wal-Mart. When it was I had 24 jars stocked. Sadly it ran out Jan 2009. Now I can enjoy it again



Gary - to find stores near you that carry it now, go to: http://www.fritolay.com/our-snacks/where-to-buy.html -- look under Dips - Tostitos Salsas & Dips - Tostitos Restaurant Style Salsa. Happy shopping!

Gary Stachula

I found it. Bought 4 jars today we've already finished off one.


Angelena Allen

I keep buying buying the grocery store out everytime more come in. My husband won't eat other types of salsa. I can't keep enough in the house. He wants to know if he cna buy it by the case. Thanks for bringing the resteraunt style back.


Yummy.....Thank you Thank you Thank you.....it's wonderful!


my son and i felt as if we won the lottery! our favorite salsa of all time!!!!!!!!!! and back in perfect time....summer vacation!


Hooray!! I am one of those people who called and requested this product. Now if I can just get my local store to keep enough in stock....


Best salsa ever!!! My daughter found one of the new jars sku # 2840008936 in a convience store 2 weeks ago but we can not find it at our local grocery store.


Re: Amy; check out the "where to buy" link on http://www.fritolay.com to find stores near you that have Tostitos Restaurant Style Salsa in stock now. I'm glad you are enjoying it again -- I love it too!


Yes! So happy to have my favorite salsa back! When I got home from the store tonight, I immediately ate half the jar over the kitchen stove--with Tostitos restaurant-style chips, duh.

greg johnson

I love restaraunt style salsa I called the company headquaters & they said this is a in & out product buy all you can it wont be in stores for long if anybody is listening dont pull this product please

BJ Deni

I have kept the last jar of Restaurant Style Salsa these past 2 years awaiting it's return. Instead of celebrating by opening it and using it, I am going to save it as a memento. I am probably the biggest fan of this salsa, litterly not physically. I am headed to the store to see if it is there on the shelf.


thank you sooooooooooooo much for bringing it back! i found i on the shelf the other day and thought i was dreaming! so i went back today for another jar and it was gone....i knew i shoulda bought every last one of them when i saw them!!! lol! waiting for them to restock the shelves with my fav salsa! this is the best thing Frito Lay could have done. :) please dont ever discontinue it again!

robin campion

I have tried so many other brands and nothing compares to this except homemade. I'm so happy it will be back in stores -- hopefully, one in my area.


I am soooo grateful! I have been searching and trying salsa after salsa. Nothing measures up. I'm going to the store today!!!




We are thrilled to see it back, but are still having a hard time finding it. It has only been at a small local grocery store so far, and most of the time they are out of it. Please press the larger chains to pick this up.


Thank you so very much.

Christy Brinker

I know this is probably not possible but I was wondering if you would share the recipe so I could try it out with my own veggies and herbs from my garden. I LOVE this salsa and would really like to try to make some.


Always loved this salsa! - definitely the best canned salsa. We bought it as soon as we saw it again - but I swear the original had more cilantro in it - that was the key to making it taste like fresh restaurant salsa - did the recipe change?!

Anyway - we're happy to see it back!

Future suggestion - offer something in the grocers fresh section. We'll buy salsa from the local small mexican restaurants by the gallon because nothing canned is really the same. Tostitos restaurant style comes close - but it's still a "stewed" recipe.

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