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March 11, 2009


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Ashley Stewart

My comment is not really specifically about reaching Hispanic consumers but I wanted to tell you about one consumer and his family who you have reached in a big way. My three year old nephew Ben was recently diagnosed with a brain tumour. Within a week of diagnoses he had to have a major brain surgery and it was confirmed that his tumour was cancerous. That was a little over a month ago. Since then Ben has had many complications. The fluid in his head is not draining properly and he has had to have two more surgeries because of that. And now the Dr.'s found a blood clot in his brain. In the beginning Ben had an above average appetite now he is barely eating and about a week ago they had to put him on a feeding tube. Most mothers try to keep their children from eating nothing but potato chips but his mom is exstatic when he eats at all. For the past several days he as been eating almost nothing but whats in his feeding tube and funyuns. His mom has been buying all of them out of the vending machince at the hospital. When we went to see him today he was awake and we promised him a giant bag of funyuns. He laughed and we joked with him. You dont know what it means for a family in this kind of situation to have something like this to be able to laugh about. Please dont ever stop making funyuns


I have been enjoying "Frito Lay's" snacks for many years!!! Thank you . But I have to tell you you are voting on the wrong names for your mystery Doritos!!! I'm telling you for sure the right name is BOCA FESTIVA!!! Try it ...it's a sue winner!!! and yeah keep up the good work!!!


Re: qthush; I love your enthusiasm! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and keep on enjoying our snacks!


I think that Flamin Hot Dorritos were better!!!! no matter how many flavor you make no other spicy dorritos will ever taste as good as those!!!


Can anyone tell me what happened to Doritos Fiery HABANEROS...?

Those were my favorites....

Please, bring HABANEROS back... :-(


Excellent model in marketing strategy. After trying Diablo Enchilado tortilla chips the first time, I became hooked. However, I am rather bummed that Frito-Lay isn't selling those chips in my new town of Philadelphia


I WHAT FLAMIN HOTS DORTIOS BACK PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't eat many chips. However, once I found the Fiery Habanero chips, I was an instant fan and I made sure we purchased them on all of our trips to the grocery store. I'm greatly disappointed that they were taken off the market.
It looks like the Toro Habanero is the replacement, but I don't know where I can find these. Are they available in Atlanta? What stores carry them?


Hi, David. Thanks for your comment. You can find where to buy our snacks at stores near you from our Web site's product locator tool: http://www.fritolay.com/our-snacks/where-to-buy.html

Happy Snacking!

Ann Hertzing

how about carrying sabritas japoneses (cacahuates)in pueblo colorado.

Ashlee Page

Hi! My name is Ashlee Page and i am a serious potatoe chip lover!. I've eaten them since i was little and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR FLAMIN HOT BRANDS!!!!! The only problem is the best kind you made besides flamin hot popcorn and flamin hot cheetos was FLAMIN HOT DORITOS!!.....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!!! EVEN if it was just for a day, i would spend all the money i have on cases of those chips!!

Maria Sarmiento

QUESTION... why did they get rid of FLAMIN HOT DORITOS????


Marisol Rodriguez

Bring Flaming Hot Dotitos back!!! They're the BEST Doritos flavor!

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