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January 06, 2009


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Cheryl Turner

Whatever happened to the Lay's Barbecue Potato Chips in the plain Red Bag. I miss these chips. This was in the early eighties to early nineties.

Bev Bartachek

Do you intend to make more of the Mozzerella Cheetos cheese curls? Those were so good and I have looked and looked and they were all sold out. I am hoping they will have a come back.


Re: Bev; Thanks for positive words about Cheetos Cheesy Mozzerella. This product was intentionally planned as a "limited edition" snack. From time to time, we make short term flavors available to create a steady stream of exciting products that tempt the taste buds. We can't guarantee they'll be back, but we can pass on your feedback to our sales and marketing teams. Thanks again!


Re: Cheryl; I'm glad to hear you're a barbecue flavor fan! Lay's Barbecue were first introduced in the 1950's and the flavor forumula we use today is the mix that debuted in 1994. It's stayed the same since '94 thanks to the great feedback we've received from consumers over the years. If you'd like to send us additional feedback, please contact our consumer support team: 1-800-352-4477, or online from www.fritolay.com - Contact Us section of site. Thanks again!


Will Doritos ever have the Extreme Bold BBQ flavor in stores again?


i was just asking if you can send a list of things that have enzimes. my adress is 206 puritain in highland park michigan and my name is emily elizabeth please send it to me.


Re: Kristy; We don't currently have plans to bring back Doritos Extreme Bold BBQ (a limited time offer flavor), but we can pass on your feedback to our sales and marketing teams. We do bring flavors back from time to time, but can't guarantee this would be a flavor we bring back. In the meantime, there are a variety of great Doritos flavors you can try. Go to www.doritos.com to learn more. Thanks for your comment.


Re: asma; We're happy to provide the information you need, and to request that information, please call our consumer support team at 1-800-352-4477. Thanks!

Amy P

What ever happened to the Ruffles Ranch Chips that were available either late 80's or early 90's? They were my all time favorite snack and I haven't seen them available in years. Do you plan on bringing this flavor back? I've tried the Lay's Wavy Ranch and they are just not the same.


Re: Amy P; I don't remember the Ruffles Ranch you loved, but I do remember the Ruffles The Works - they had a bit of a ranch flavor to them. Due to slow sales, we are no longer making them though. You might try our Lay's Creamy Ranch Dip - adding it to the regular Ruffles might get you the flavor you miss so much. Thanks for your comment!


How did the Cheeto Puffs start out?

Chief Blogger

Re: Yvette; Good question. The "madehow" Web site offers a good history of cheese puffs -- http://www.madehow.com/Volume-5/Cheese-Curl.html -- saying that they were invented in the 1930s by a company who made corn-based feed for livestock. An operator took some of the cornmeal ribbons, added oil, salt and cheese and invented cheese puffs.

Wikipedia tells this same story, yet also offers a competing version of how cheese puffs were invented -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheese_puffs.

At Frito-Lay, we started making Cheetos Puffs in 1968, complimenting the line of Crunchy Cheetos that had been available since 1948. Thanks for your question!


The sour cream and onion dorito you sold in the 70,s were the greatest tasting chip ever produced. (Ever). Please bring them back I beg you. I would love to taste them at least once more before my final rest. I remember the little flecks of green on the chip. I would even lick the chip before eating them sometimes.


I second the nomination for Extreme Bold BBQ Doritos to be brought back! They were absolutely delicious!


Does anyone remember vending machines that sold frito-lay chips and rold gold pretzels that came out of cans that looked like soda cans? It was in the late 90s i think! I can't find any trace on the internet that they ever existed but I swear I've seen them before!

Kris Thrush

I think they should make a doritos throwback like mt dew and pepsi but make it sour cream and onion and i know they would sell because i loved them. best i have ever had so please consider


When did rold gold start with frito lay?


Hi, Kate. If you call our consumer affairs line, they can help you out with more detailed info about Rold Gold: 1-800-352-4477. Thanks for your comment.


What ever happened to nacho cheese flavored cheetos and cheese ball I really wish they would bring them back.


What was the name of the potato chips that had a bacon flavor and shaped like bacon. I love those chips they were made in the 70's. I wish they could make those again.


Re: Princess; Are you referring to O’KEELY’S -- Cheddar & Bacon Flavored Potato Skins/Flavored Potato Crisps, which were made to resemble potato skins? They were available years ago, but discontinued due to slow sales. And, we still make the Baken-Ets Pork Skins. You can check out all of our brands on the following Web page: http://www.fritolay.com/our-snacks/brands.html. Thanks for your comment.


I don't think that the Bake-Ets are what Princess was asking about. Back in the 70's there was a bacon-flavored snack that was made, if memory serves, from a cornmeal-based mix rather like FunYuns--sort of like fake pork rinds--they were even colored with reddish stripes to resemble bacon. I'd like to be reminded what they were called, because I loved 'em almost as much as I loved Space Sticks.

Matt S.

Here is a 3rd for the Extreme Bold BBQ Doritos. They were great. My wife and I were both sad when we could no longer find them at the store.


How funny to ask the question about the bacon-flavored chips cut to resemble bacon.

I asked that question at the beginning of the year to a few of my current and former co-workers. They thought I was nuts!

Princess and Oakleafmold, we're on the same plane (smile).


I remember those striped bacon chips, they were the absolute best! If I could ever find them again, I would buy every package I could get my hands on. And your'e right, they were not pork skins, they were actually kind of flat with the stripes.

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